Episode 2: The Florida Angler Story

Today we will dive into an interview from local business owner Jonathan Acosta. He owns The Florida Angler a Clermont outdoor outfitter that has a premium selection of fishing gear, bait, and marine decor. Check them out the next time your in Clermont!

We love hearing from our listeners! Have a great Lake County story? We would love to hear from you. Drop us a line and tell us your story so we can feature you!

Listen to the podcast now!


Before this building became The Florida Angler, it was a grocery store in Clermont.


2 thoughts on “Episode 2: The Florida Angler Story”

  1. Great podcast! We retired from NJ to Clermont three years ago and feel blessed that our realtor found us the rolling hills of Clermont so that our relocation was easy .. similar to the hills in NJ without the snow! We love the variety of things to do in Lake County and the great shops in Clermont! Met both Jonathan and Ash at Florida Angler — great addition to Downtown Clermont! Looking forward to more podcasts!


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