The Launch of a New Blog Series

The key to enjoying any location is knowing where to go.

We’ve all been on vacation at a new location so excited to experience all that a city had to offer, but when push came to shove we ended sitting on the couch asking the question “what should I do?” The same could be said about our own hometown. We tend to visit the same places and then when we’re bored on a Saturday morning we ask the same question, “What should we do?”

In an attempt to remedy this cosmic conundrum we are creating a series to help answer those exact questions. We are entitling the series “A Perfect Saturday in…”. We will select a city in Lake County and highlight what a perfect Saturday would look like. Everything from where to eat, where to stroll, and what to do.

Because a perfect Saturday can vary so drastically for different people, we are also asking the Lake Rising community to tell us a perfect Saturday in the Lake County town of your choice. We’re excited to find out all of the hidden gems this county has to offer.

Ready to get started? Send us inquiry and in the comment section add your perfect Saturday. Who knows it may end up on the Lake Rising Blog! For everyone else be on the lookout for this exciting series as we discover what makes our Lake County towns so special.

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