A Perfect Saturday in Clermont

Author: Ebo Entsuah, Clermont resident, Lake Rising Allstar Partner and Superfan

Imagine a city where the hills are rolling as far as the eye can see and the landscape’s beauty leaves you in awe. A place with a budding population but not too overcrowded to the point where you can’t admire the countryside. This is Clermont, Florida. A city that is uniquely placed right in the center of Florida. About twenty miles west of three of the world’s largest theme parks, including Walt Disney World. Clermont is home to many lakes, fourteen to be exact!

Many athletes and members of the community love Clermont because of the various trails, lakes and its international reputation as being an ideal training ground for premier athletes. In fact, due to the many successes of various members of the community, Clermont is now known as the “Choice of Champions.” Although most people feel a “Champion” primarily deals with athletics, Clermont has many different types of champions; champions in education, healthcare, tourism, and technology as well.

7:30 am – Get a good sweat in with Clermont Parkrun

Everyone loves a good morning sweat and sunrise. Thanks to Clermont Parkrun you can do both! Parkrun is a FREE weekly 5k event for people of all abilities (Runners, joggers, or even walkers) and is a refreshing way to start your day. There are Parkrun events in over 20 different countries all over the world and Clermont has one of the most active around. After you complete your run you can join the group at Cheeser’s palace for some delicious breakfast food!

 9:00 am – Enjoy some delicious breakfast and a relaxing walk through Downtown Clermont

 After getting a good sweat in, you have to recharge and consume some great food! Cheeser’s Palace has been a staple in downtown Clermont for many years. The restaurant gives off a vibrant local, small town feel but is still able to show how modern it is. The servers are bright, prompt, and extremely friendly. Whether it’s the various eggs benedict or the homemade crepes, Cheeser’s has so much to offer!

Once you exit the building, take the opportunity to look around and see all of the small businesses and shops that have contributed to the downtown area’s rise and success. There’s the Bacchus Vino Etcetera wine shop, Corelli’s Pantry, The Clermont Academy of Dance, The Florida Angler and the brand new Clermont Brewing Company (We’ll talk about that a little more later!). Also make sure to take in the Downtown’s rustic design and brick architecture, giving it a charming yet modern feel.

12:00 pm – Grocery shopping and live music at Lucky’s Market

 Many people tend to do some of the tasks that they may not be able to during the week on the weekend. Things such as laundry, yard work and cleaning tend to take precedence when your schedule is free from the normal 9-5. One thing that many people seem to enjoy during the weekend is grocery shopping. Being able to leisurely enter the store, grab all your items and actually enjoy yourself rarely happens. That is why Lucky’s Market in Clermont is such a great store. Lucky’s opened up in March of 2018 and has been thriving since. With a wide array of local products across its isle’s, they have been able to give people a different perspective on grocery shopping. You can grab some meat and organic produce for the week all while sipping on a Belgian white and a slice of pizza from their deli and restaurant. They also consistently have live music from local artists which draws the audience in and sometimes makes them forget about shopping! Lastly don’t forget to participate in their Bags for Change program!

3:00pm Clermont Historic Village and Waterfront beach

Clermont is known for its many trails, lakes, and parks. Every single one is gorgeous and brimming with life and natural beauty. One of the more well-known lake areas is that of Waterfront Beach. If you ever find yourself downtown, Waterfront Beach is a skip away. Home to the future East/West Coast-to-Coast trail, this stretch of asphalt allows for walking, running or biking and is the start and end point for various triathlons and other events. There are plenty of benches and resting points to take a break and if you continue far enough you can see the Highlander Hut and eventually, Clermont’s Historic Village.

This free historic Museum has been a staple in Clermont’s history for many years. After the city purchased the property in 1996, there have been numerous upgrades and renovations to keep it beautiful. You can go visit and see some of Clermont’s rich history in its buildings and walkways. This property is home to the Original Cooper Memorial Library, The Train Depot and the new Herring Hooks Schoolhouse. Taking in all of these sights definitely give the feel of nostalgia and respect for our great city.

6:00 PM Sunset at Citrus Tower

One of the things that Clermont is most well-known for is the gigantic shining tower in the middle of the city. One of Florida’s first “attractions,” the Citrus Tower was built in 1956 and sits at a lofty 226 feet (roughly around 21 stories high!). When you enter the tower you are greeted by a plethora of smells thanks to the new Mountaineer Coffee shop located at the bottom of the tower. There is also the brand new Tower Arcade and Lounge located in the building as well. Take some time to hang out, get some coffee, and play some video game classics before climbing your way skyward. Once you’re ready, hop in the elevator and take a ride to the top. The glass-enclosed observation deck allows for breath-taking panoramic views of the rolling hills that Clermont is known for. You can see everything for miles, including 4 different counties.

9:00 PM Clermont Brewing Company

Few places are better to end your night than Clermont Brewing Company. This new family-owned restaurant boasts an electric nightlife scene and local craft beer, artisanal food and live entertainment. The atmosphere is energetic even during the week and there are always people out and about without it feeling claustrophobic. There is plenty of seating inside and out with TV’s and a turf field that is great for the Fall Football season. Make sure you order the CBC, the Korean BBQ street tacos and DEFINITELY get the peanut butter explosion cake. I recommend the Belgian Wit and the Mexican Lager as well.

As the “Gem of the Hills” and now the “Choice of Champions” Clermont is a city that is teeming with life and opportunities for all. There is so much to do and you cannot just do it in one day so take your time and see the sights! Think there were any places that were missed? Reach out to us and let us know!

Author: Ebo Entsuah, Clermont resident, Lake Rising Allstar Partner and Superfan

5 thoughts on “A Perfect Saturday in Clermont”

  1. Awesome…now send it to Tripadvisor so people that come to Central Florida can come spend a day with us and leave some $$$ in our community


  2. You missed the Clermont Cafe in down town Clermont. Friendly atmosphere, great food and the owners are very loving and friendly. They are open from 8:00 to 2:00. A great place to eat.


  3. Love Clermont,such a neat little treasure hidden in central Florida. Love the little clermont restaurant in downtown on the main st. Family owned and operated. Love Cheesers the small antique shops along . Lilly’s on the lake and the tiki bar are also great places to eat. Pig on the pond is a great way to spend time in March. By the way I live in. Level and Ohio but stay at vacation village for the winter on rt 27.
    The way.


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