Via Entertainment- Because It’s Just Too Hot Outside

Seeing how the average temperature seems to be around 1,000 degrees through these summer months in Lake County FL, I’ve been finding myself seeking indoor activities. As someone who loves to spend their time outside because of all the adventure it offers I was pretty excited to find that you can still have some epic adventures in the comfort of an abundance of air conditioning. 

If you happen to find yourself in Leesburg, a great place to stop in is VIA Entertainment. Attached to the Leesburg Mall, it houses a sizable arcade, bowling alley, go karts, kid’s corner (for kids up to 55” tall) and the newest addition, escape rooms. Oh; and food and beverage of course. Considering all of the aforementioned are under one roof, you can easily spend an entire day or evening here. 

Why do I like Via Entertainment? Well for starters, it is one of the few places in Lake County that you can really enjoy go karts. While I do have a vehicle and a license, there is just something really exciting about doing figure eights around a go cart track. Hearing the screeching wheels as you whip around a tight bend really gives you that “adrenaline rush” that makes any Friday night fun. Afterwards feel free to swing by the full liquor bar and enjoy a beverage (Because before may not be a great idea).

Alright, let’s chat a little about escape rooms because I finally did one for the first time recently and man oh man-it was really fun. Escape rooms have become popular in the last few years and for good reason. It’s something different and exciting. Simply put, it is a game where people are locked into a room and you have to find a way to escape using clues found within the room. I for one love puzzles and escape rooms give you the chance for total immersion. Via Entertainment has two offerings, each with a 15 minute clock and $10 per person price tag. Good luck beating the clock-you can do it!

There aren’t many venues that are equally equipped for families, first dates, teens, married couples, groups of friends and literally everyone in between. Via Entertainment has something for everyone. It will especially appeal to those with a competitive spirit as you can find some friendly competition in every corner of the building. Definitely not a bad place to spend those scorching summer months.

Via Entertainment is open from 11am-10pm Sunday through Thursday and 11am-midnight on Friday and Saturday’s. For all the prices and updated calendar of events, check out Via Entertainment’s website here.
Address: 10401 US-441 #2004, Leesburg, FL 34788

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