Episode 9: Part 1-Is Lake County Growing Too Fast?

Join us for an in depth discussion on the growth of Lake County. Sean, Rocky and Ryan cover the issue from a local perspective. Sean has a great story from Minneola’s past (Ask Sean what the font size was?) and we cover the importance of planning in Lake County, FL.


One thought on “Episode 9: Part 1-Is Lake County Growing Too Fast?”

  1. Your concern about schools (and growth in general) and the explanations are excellent and helpful.
    The predominant growth in Lake County (even more so in South Lake) is starter or first move up homes. The School Board calculation for the student impact for growth is 0.313 students per home (building permit). That means less than 1 student (age 5-18) for every THREE+ homes. This is the calculation that the new school impact fees are based.
    While the Board numbers are based on a 40 page documented process (“Step by Step Process Utilized for Student Generation Rate Analysis As Part of Educational Impact Fee Updated for the Board For the 2018-2019 Study Effort (February 8, 2019)”) this number flies in the face of what we see as reality in our schools and neighborhoods.


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