Let’s Get Sweaty in Clermont

Kettle Bells in Clermont

Author: Ebo Entsuah

What makes a Champion? Is it a multitude of accolades and awards? Or is it having a heart to compete. To me, a champion is someone who is able to train their thought process as well as their body in order to produce a memorable performance. They realize that they may have strengths and weaknesses and do not shy away from improving and bettering their situation. As the “Choice of Champions”, Clermont is home to a multitude of places where you are able to train not only your mind, but your body.

Many athletes and members of the community love Clermont because of the various trails, lakes and its international reputation as being an ideal training ground for not only premier athletes, but for the average everyday working resident as well. These structures located in our city are not just your typical run of the mill Gyms, but are also places that allow people to meditate and reflect as well. Here are some of the most well-known locations in our city. (Note: there are a lot of gyms and exercise centers in the city of Clermont, I will do my best to name as many as I can while staying in the Clermont area.) Enjoy!

  1. The National Training Center
    1. Located next to Orlando Health’s South Lake Hospital is the National Training Center, or the NTC. This mammoth of a sports center has become the one-stop-shop for all of your workout and training needs. With a Fitness Center, Aquatic Center, Track & Field Complex, Cross Country Course and Athletic Fields – This center has everything to offer to their members.
  2. CF Fitness
    1. Do you want a place where you can get your sweat on, meet new people and achieve your fitness goals? Then CF is the place for you. Central Florida Fitness (Better known as CF) has been in the city of Clermont for years. Previously, it was known as Gold’s Gym, but they have rebranded and are now CF Fitness. Here, you’ll find state of the art equipment, a women’s only area, and other various exercise options for anyone who wants to come out and work out.
  3. Life Center
    1. The Life Center, located in Clermont was previously P360 and before that, the Lord’s Gym. They are now a multi-faceted gym that also is home to a Chiropractor’s office. Dr. Paul Sorchy, D.C. is ‘Clermont’s Chiropractor’ and has been practicing for years. Many Olympic athletes frequent the Life Center and if that doesn’t say anything about the quality of work, I do not know what does! They are open 24/7 and they also provide personal training and have a smoothie bar downstairs. Definitely take a look.
  4. HitFit
    1. Need a way to burn some calories but don’t have all day to spend in the gym? Check out HitFit gym here in Clermont. They stress High-Intensity Interval Training for their members and allow them to get in and out while burning fat and working hard. They also provide personal trainers who are able to work one on one with you as well.
  5. Clermont Crossfit
    1. Want to try a new way to burn some fat while learning new exercises you normally wouldn’t in the gym? Check out Clermont Crossfit. They have been in Clermont since 2013 and have become a sizable force in not only the crossfit community, but the actual community in Clermont. Although most workouts are done in groups, they are still able to give individual attention to their members.
  6. One Yoga & Fitness
    1. Are you ready to become 1 with your environment and clear your mind? Look no further. One Yoga & Fitness is a relatively new yoga studio that offers various yoga styles and traditions to guests for a fraction of the cost. Aside from normal yoga classes, they also provide TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) courses as well as Aerial yoga classes as well.
  7. Parks/Fields
    1. Do you want to get out of the house and break a sweat but do not want to pay money for a subscription, definitely check out some of the parks located in Clermont! Parks such as the Palatlakaha River Park near downtown Clermont, Hancock Park on Hancock road, and Lost Lake park on Lost Lake road in Clermont as well.
  8. Others / Chains
    1. We’ve named a lot of different businesses that allow people to come in and get their sweat on, but there are a couple that I have not mentioned because they are either chains, or have not opened in Clermont just yet. Some of the ‘honorable mentions’ are gyms such as Anytime Fitness, they are open 24/7 and have a plethora of equipment. There Is also the new Planet Fitness that will be opening sometime this year. With a $10 per month bill, it would be hard to turn it down! There are also a couple facilities that are right outside of Clermont in Minneola but are equally adequate. Technique Boxing Gym is a boxing gym that specializes in training and mentoring, Opex Fitness is a CrossFit gym that specializes in teaching beginners and experts alike the proper lifting techniques.



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