Episode 22: Taxes with David Jordan!

Everybody’s favorite topic…. taxes, right!!! Two things in life are certain – death and taxes.  But what’s also certain is Lake County Florida Tax Collector David Jordan is a stand up guy and very popular.  Listen in for another great show discussing how local government is supposed to work, the 2nd Amendment, and good customer service.


Episode 21: David Colby & the South lake Chamber

Talking Business!  We talk with the South Lake Chamber of Commerce President David Colby.  David shares the latest on small business and Co-Vid-19. The Lake Rising Team talks about the outlook for economic recovery – is it a V-shaped recovery or U-shaped?

Episode 20: Lake County Schools During Coronavirus

Lake County School Board Vice-Chair Bill Mathias joins the Lake Rising Team to share the latest on the School District’s challenge with Co-Vid 19.  It’s not all bad as Bill shares the District’s plans to construct new schools in the high growth areas of Lake County.  The show concludes with discussion focused on school funding.  Bill wins the trivia contest and we make plans for a follow-up show centered solely on school funding.

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Episode 19: Coronavirus Special Edition with Sheriff Peyton Grinnell

Lake County Sheriff Peyton Grinnell joins the Lake Rising Team for a special episode on CoVid-19.  Listen in to hear the latest and the big picture on this fluid situation.  Sheriff Grinnell talks about what’s important as we go together through this mess.

Episode 16: It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas in Lake

“Its A Wonderful Life” in Lake County.  In this episode we talk Holiday happenings in Lake County. “Eustis on Ice”, Tavares, and Mount Dora offer some of the best Christmas experiences in all of Central Florida.  The Lake Rising team delves into the importance of shopping local this Christmas season.  The antidote to urban sprawl and growth that only the Grinch would support is to shop local and support small business.

Episode 14: Lakeridge Winery with Barry Hus

Barry Hus from Lakeridge Winery joins us today to discuss the winery business in Lake County. Join us as we discuss all things wine and of course, sample some local favorites. So grab a glass and enjoy the show.



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