Clermont and Mount Dora Marketplaces

It is a very exciting time to be in Clermont and Mount Dora as both are soon welcoming new marketplaces. This concept of having multiple vendors under one roof is far from new but for Lake County it’s a great step toward an increased diversity of retail options that are both economical and enjoyable. Businesses can thrive being surrounded by each other and guests enjoy the convenience of easily meandering from one ‘storefront’ to the next. Both Clermont and Mount Dora are expected to feature delicious local food as well as unique novelty stores. 

For a sneak peak into the potential success of these marketplaces you only have to look as far as Orlando. Winter Garden and the Audubon Park neighborhood both have market’s which have become anchors for locals and visitors alike. 

Clermont’s Montrose Street Market will occupy the historic building on the corner of 793 West Montrose Street; a perfect location for engaging the growing Clermont population. Although the grand opening was delayed due to construction hiccups, the wait shouldn’t be long for those in South Lake.

The Mount Dora Marketplace is preparing for its big debut in the heart of downtown. Occupying the former Pisco Sour/ Lost Parrot building the market should offer a curated list of vendors and food offerings that will differentiate itself from the surrounding (and might I say delicious) traditional restaurants that Mount Dora is known for. A craft beer bar known as the The Filling Station is expected to be the central vendor with a variety of others taking up the first floor. As this project is still brand new, things could change as more details come to light. The first phase of the Mount Dora Marketplace is slated to be complete August 1st and the second phase shortly after.

As usual we will keep you up to date with the exciting additions to our local Lake County business scene. More to come on these great new ventures in the near future.

Local Theatre

Have you been to the Sonnentag Theatre at the IceHouse in Mount Dora? If you answered no then it’s time for you to grab friends and prepare for a day or evening of hilarity. Local theater is done well at Sonnetag with dedicated and professional actors who give their absolute best each show. Plus with tickets ranging from $10 for kids to $24 for adults and prices in between this is a great way to spend a few hours and enjoy a live show. Here is the lineup for the next few months and check out their website for future shows and updates.

P.S. My husband and I have almost cried from laughing so hard at the shows we’ve seen. Comment Below if you’ve been and what shows you would recommend.

Must. Have. Coffee: Mount Dora Edition

The obligatory, daily cup o’ joe options are numerous when in Mount Dora. I would recommend either one: having easy access to downtown Mount Dora coffee shops or, two: having a cup in front of you while reading this article because your about to crave some caffeine. Let’s begin.

Cafe 334, inside Every Nook and Cranny on Donnelly St. in Downtown Mount Dora roasts all of their coffee in house and you can buy a bag to bring home with you. They have unique combinations and the classics available to satisfy every coffee preference. They also happen to have delectable vegan treats and kombucha but we’ll have to dig into that further in another post. Don’t forget to stick around and sip your coffee while staring at fascinating pieces of local art. Did I mention that Every Nook and Cranny is a fantastic art store? Check them out on facebook if you haven’t already.  

Le Petit Sweet is a bit of an institution in Mount Dora. They have incredibly delicious french desserts and beyond (we’re talking cakes, cookies, pies, cream puffs, macarons, and many other special treats). For today’s sake I will focus on the java. Their coffee is great and they do a few special things like coffee ice cubes as an option so on hot Florida days your iced coffee doesn’t get watered down. Oh yeah and they offer affogato which is a nice strong espresso poured over top of ice cream, soooooo ya know, enough said.

A new addition to the Mount Dora coffee scene is Allyson A Bake Shop and man am I proud to have them in Lake County. First off, the shop is beautifully designed and picture perfect. Owner, Terese named the shop in memory of her mother Allyson who loved to bake and passed the passion along to her highly talented daughter. Along with their baked goods which yet again I’ll have to come back to, they offer latte’s and bottled cold brew coffee. So sit down and admire the sheik design while you sip on your java.

Finally some other great spaces to get your “coffee on” in downtown Mount Dora include Village Coffee Pot and a more recent arrival, Serendipity. No matter where you prefer to brew, Mount Dora offers a wide selection of options. From treats to art to cozy escapes, Mount Dora does coffee right.